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More talkers, less listeners. It's time to change
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About Rashi
Introducing Rashi Khanna, an empath with a heart for others and the inspiration of “Empathe.” Rashi is a well qualified and certified Lay Counselor from National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS),Bangaluru. Rashi has started a transforming path to have a positive influence in the area of holistic wellness and mental health because of her unrelenting dedication to fostering others’ well-being. Rashi is a committed lay counselor at Empathe, offering her sympathetic hand to individuals in need of support and understanding. Her mission is to practise active listening, which involves creating a safe environment where people may freely share their thoughts and emotions without fear of being judged.

Our Services

Active Listening
We understand that sometimes, being heard is the first step towards healing. Our active listening sessions are designed to lend an empathetic ear, fostering an environment where your voice matters.
Beyond our core services, we connect you with a network of mental health professionals and resources tailored to your unique needs. You're never alone on this journey to well-being.
Crisis Interventions
In times of crisis, we're here for you. Our crisis intervention services provide immediate emotional support and guidance, ensuring you're never left to face challenges alone.
Healing and Beyond
Empathe is not just about addressing the wounds; it's about nurturing the soul. Through holistic healing practices and wellness initiatives, we guide you towards a path of profound well-being.

Who we are?

Empathe is created on the principle that understanding is the first step towards healing. We are on a mission to close the gaps in mental health care by creating an environment and ecosystem where compassion is encouraged and support is plentiful. In addition to our lay counseling services ,active listening service ,crisis interventions and referrals we give a secure and empathetic atmosphere to explore feelings, communicate thoughts, and begin on a journey of self-discovery. Join us at Empathe, where we celebrate the courage to seek help, the strength to heal, and the beauty of understanding. Let’s make mental wellness a shared journey, one that brings us closer together.
Join us at Empathe
Where we celebrate the courage to seek help, the strength to heal, and the beauty of understanding. Let's embark on a shared journey towards mental wellness, bringing us closer together.
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Empathe is not for crisis situations or serious mental health issues. If you’re in crisis, please seek help from a qualified mental health professional.”